All the Clues That’s Fit to Hint!

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22 June 2013 Helloooo there! Long time no write! This is just a quick update to tell you the EXCITING NEWS that the Twitter API is no longer updating my tweets on this page, so if you want to read any of my REMOTELY current brain-droppings, you’ll be needing to click on “Wildly Exaggerated (Blog)” up above. May your favorite baseball player hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth in the All Star Game ;)

8 April 2012 Hear ye hear ye! I’ve just published my very first short story to Amazon’s Kindle! It’s a sci-fi story about human evolution...and what lies beyond our atmosphere (dun dun DUNNNNNNN!). It gets a little scary in the middle, but I like to think it has a nice ending. It was inspired by one of my closest friends, Drew, who has cystic fibrosis. Any money I make from it will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help her get CURED! If you’d like to know more about Drew, click here and check out her blog! And if you’d like to grab yourself a free sample of the story and see what you think, click here! May there be an all-day marathon of your favorite TV show the next time you get a cold.

30 March 2012 Welcome to the brand new interweb home of me, Kimberly Welsh aka the real kimbers. It’s very nice to meet you; I think we’ll be good friends. I don’t have any real “news” to tell you about, but I do have an awful lot of things in-progress just at the moment. For the time being, please keep in touch on the Twitters (link right over there →) and/or my blog (link to “Wildly Exaggerated” on the top menu bar). Thanks for stopping by! May there be extra cheese on your pizza all the days of your life.